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To be said with a deep southern accent, a phrase of agreement.

A pinch of dip in the bottom lip helps to get an authentic pronunciation.

Along the lines of hell yeah, fuck yeah, let's roll, etc.
Earl: Ey Will you comin to the party tonight?

Will: Yeahbo, I got me some catfish, lookin like its a fish fry kinda night
by xCMx July 11, 2011
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a phrase used instead of yeah bro

boy1- "ayy you wanna go to latenight tonight?"

boy2- "yeah bo! for sure"

boy1- "dayyuum! shes hot ayy!"

boy2- "yeah bo!!"
yeah bo
by fob_taktikz March 09, 2010
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A word used to express excitement, agreement or can be used to replace most words. Example; “Yeah Bo, what you doin?”. Can also be a word used when not properly thinking a situation through. A diverse word that can be shortened to “Bo” also.
*2am and work the next day*
The boys: “Bro want to head out and have a fire on the beach?”
You: “Hmm... YEAH BO!”

*When your mate does something stupid*
You: “What are you doing ya bloody kook bo?”
by The OG “Yeah Bo” August 09, 2018
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