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Yazbek is a big and very important family name, comes from the Ottoman Empire as the BEK in Yazbek means a very important and honored title that was given to rich and powerful people who were honored in the Ottoman Empire. Also it was diverted from the Persian power at that time as the family split some to the Ottoman Empire and others to the Persian power at that time.

The family are commonly known now in Lebanon, but also they are very diverse as some are known to be muslims,christians or Druze.

If you have a friend that has Yazbek as their family name, be happy! And grateful as they are almost Royality with a deep strong history!
My friend is a yazbeki!
by Encyclopediasmartie January 30, 2017
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The little pellet of crap that follows are the majority of your shit is done.
"Bro I just shat out the biggest Yazbek! It was basically another log."
by Chair_Zilla May 26, 2014
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