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A mature boy that is more metal than flesh,with colourful flowing locks of dyed hair. Typically is off in their own world, and only makes static phone calls to our reality. Commences in much stupidity, but it's adorable and what makes you love him. You can typically find a Yaykup mooching food,caffeine, cigarettes, car rides, off of his grandpa and grandma-pa. Also, being colourful and shiny, he typically attracts crazy females, whom he is actually smart enough to not stick it in to.

Also, Yaykup is typically confused with the sexual term, which means: when you've been awake for so long, you begin to hallucinate having sex with yourself, but then your second self turns into a giant yellow blob, and you end up punching them in the face, knocking them out; once recovering conscienceness you realize it was actually a sad apathetic clown, and it was your 9th birthday party.
Why Yaykup? Why?!
by Pineapple22 January 21, 2013
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