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Initially used by pirates, to form sentences such as "Yarrgh me hearties" or "Yarrgh Jim Lad, where's me pieces of eight?", it is now used by me as a random exclamation.
In the short time that I have been using this word, I have found that it is best used to scare away little Year 7s and 8s, especially of the townie variety, that annoy me.
I imagine it would also flow well at Pirate fancy dress parties, although I cannot be 100% sure as sadly I've never been to one.
1.) Yarrgh Wooden Eye Jake has stolen me rum!
2.) Yarrgh little children! Run! Run! Run away!
3.) Yarrgh what do you think of me eye patch? Does it match me wooden leg?
by WoodenEyeJake November 29, 2004
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what all the cool kids are saying, in an effort to appear rebellious (?)
yarrgh, skeet, skeet, RAWK ONNNNNNN, im rick james bitch
by la June 01, 2004
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