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The greatest Hockey player of All time. Panthers Defensemen #3. In direct relationship to Harambe. Instead of yelling "KOBE!!!" While shooting a crumpled up quiz into the trash, you yell "YANDLE"
Responsible Student "I got a 92 on the English quiz
Bad Student "I got a 62"
{Bad Student Crumples quiz}
{Bad Student Notices trash can}
{Bad Student takes shot at trash can}
Bad Student "Yandle!!!"
{Bad Student Misses}
Entire Class "BOI!"
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by BrotherNature60 September 15, 2016
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To sweat profusely, so named after a famous Welsh hockey player of that name who suffered from an extreme perspiration issue - i.e. he just couldn't stop. The origins of this date back to a time, when under the influence of Ephedra, the so-named taff passed out on a subway train following an extreme work out session and copious electrolyte loss through perspiration. To sweat precipitiously is known as 'having a Yandle on'
"Holy Shit James, you have got a right Yandle on!"
by Daniel Guerilla August 22, 2006
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a devilish coybow, with an addiction to sex.
thanks to the cowboy in 1589 who faced a sex addiction, namely charles yandle.
Jees, Laary Thaaayte Maaan Is Suchh A Yandle.
by Urbanrulesbigtime May 20, 2008
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