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Illiterate, acutely inbred resident of Yakima, Washington, who preaches immigration reform and white supremacy. Known locally as ICEMAN. (intimate friends call him “Poonie” or “PoonBoy”) Self-anointed super hero. Has developed a large following in the State Penitentiary system, given his enthusiastic approach to Salad Tossing.
"Damn, dawg, my sister's husband went all Yaki-Klan on our neighbor yesterday."

"I'm sorry, Ms Smith. I didn't do my homework, because my Dad was giving us our weekly Yaki-Klan lessons."

"BettyLou, you need to stay away from him. He get's all Yaki-Klan when he gets excited. Pretty scary."

"Please excuse my son's absence, yesterday. He was getting fitted for his new Yaki-Klan sheet."
by boppa23 May 15, 2011
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