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An extremely gorgeous girl.
Yaimarie is the craziest girl you would ever meet, shes mad funny,also extremely smart. Yaimarie has an extremely drop dead gorgeous body. Yaimarie's are always short. She's a sweet,caring,smart,humerous girl. You would never regret meeting/dating a Yaimarie. A Yaimarie have an awesome personality. A Yaimarie is the type of girl that can get in your last nerves, just because she cares alot. Yaimarie is that girl that might have a lot of haters due to her looks and personality. A Yaimarie is PERFECT, just perfect.
Damn she's beautiful, she must be a, Yaimarie.
Yaimarie?, The extremely smart girl with the big booty, Yeah I know her beautiful self why wassup?
Godammit bless that girl she's perfect, she must be a Yaimarie.
by Anon_3345 February 03, 2014
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