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A failing attempt on Yahoo Answers to try to get people to conform to organized religions, the Government, Corporations and cultural norms. They intend to try to turn us into robots by using rewards and punishments for obedience and disobedience. Unfortunately its been a real fail considering people are leaving, and others who get suspended dont come back.

1. Usually the best answer voted if you dont choose one is the most offensive answer criticizing you for not being enough of a conformist.

2. Questions and answers are deleted if they dont really align with the opinions of the sponsored Organized religion, social norms, Political philosophy or Corporate philosophies.

3. Questions are deleted if they criticize any organized religion, culture, government, or economic system.

4. Pro-hierarchy answers are always given thumbs up, no matter how rude they are, while anti-hierarchy answers are given thumbs down no matter how truthful.

5. The only people left on YA are all pro-hierarchy rightwings.
Yahoo Answers conformist Conspiracies have made it impossible for individuals to be themselves. Thats why every time you hang out in R&S, you are gonna be attacked for not following some official RW theology.
by Jerry1341 May 26, 2010
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