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Abbreviation for: you only REMEMBER living once

The Response to Dumb ass's who use the World YOLO.

A spiritual Way of looking at life.

A way to put down conformists with no Spiritual awareness.
Dumb kid: Hey I just bought the New Iphone 6 even tho I just bought the Iphone 5 7 months ago YOLO!!!

Spiritually Aware kid: Good for you By the Way YORLO! try meditating sometime or taking some DMT lay off the fluoride and American Food.

Dumb kid: wait what I was busy Tweeting YOLO and liking CoD statuses on my social media account.

Spiritually Aware Kid: Yep Conformist.... You Only Remember Living sad....People like you Screw up this planet for the Rest of us.
by Enki of the Annunaki November 09, 2013
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