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Short for 'you know what to do'.

Mostly used at the end of a sentence to hint something without having to actually spell it out for the reader, whilst adding a solemn, dire, suggestive or perhaps a cheeky tone for either comical or epic purposes.
Example 1:
-During a zombie apocalypse-

Badass 1: u don't have to do this alone...

Badass 2: yes I do, u must take care of the rest. I won't be coming back. if the zombies break through the barrier..

-dramatic pause-

Badass 2: YKWTD. *hands over grenade to badass 1*

Badass 1: gl u beast.

Badass 2: gg mate.

Example 2:

Dude 1: I heard ur little sister listening to Justin Bieber. YKWTD.

Dude 2: hahahah, let me just grab my shovel dude xD

eavesdropping little sister: *reads text* 0__0
by LAGxGooner September 18, 2011
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