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A robotic pirate of cyberspace. With his beard in one hand and his wiimote in the other, Xury is most definitely cooler than the coolest person you know. He is often accused of being a high school girl due to his scent, as high school girls often rub their scent on him. Xury'z are characterized by their extreme personality and love for sins of the flesh. He is most likely the reason for your virginity.
Jesse: Woah! Did you see that kid on the skateboard?!
Wayne Brady: Yeah I did, ya little fucker. Total Xury.

Frankie Muniz: Jeezy Creezy, Xury! How on earth did you build a sand castle that big?!?
Xury: Shut up, faggot. *SLAP* I do it the vander way.
by MarkTwain68 November 30, 2009
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