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An abbreviation of the word "Excuse Me." It gets its sound from combining the "X" sound in "Ex," the "U" sound from "c-UE-se" and of course the "M" from "Me."

It can also be used as a question, as in "Pardon me?"
Example 1:
*Someone sneezes*
Someone: "Xum."

Example 2:
A: "Does it smell like Up Dog in here?"
B: "Xum?"
by Allan Wood March 10, 2008
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Like yum or awesome, used to describe something that is fun or cool.
Its pronounced "zum" First used in in the online comic strip "ALLAN"
JEN: Did you see "Donnie Darko?"
ALLAN: Yeah! It was really xum!
by Cm Bear February 03, 2008
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