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Pronounced | ɪkˈsaɪt ˈəs |
A name given to the audio producing team Xitus Productions meaning "excite us."

It can also be used as a word in other tenses, while still in relation to its original definition, such as xited or xite.
Marz and Isaac could hear the crowd cheering them onto the stage shouting, "XITUS! Excite us! XITUS! Excite us! XITUS!"

Guy: Dude did you hear Xitus's new track? It really got me XITED for when they come back to town!!!
Girl: I sure did, I have the whole album, but the new vinyl couldn't XITE me more! Its supposed to have a built in light show!

hipster kandi kid: XITUS totally rocks bruh! I'm totally XITED for them to XITE us.
by TheAmishComputer June 02, 2015
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