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A vile fiend that was forged from the hateocity( I think thats a word...) of all the haters in the world. It was created back in the early years of the Oakland Raiders football carrer from the hate that the fans emmited. Since that day, the beast has gotten stronger. Feeding on the hate that ungrateful fans give people like Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. And now this.. The hatred for that faggot Justin Beiber.
This amount of hate will increase the power of Xero the Beast to gargantuin levels. It will come out of hiding and finally defeat Chuck Norris. Just like the Mayans predicted would happen on December 21, Y2K12. So basically we're all fucked and it's that gaywad Justin Bieber's fault. Oops that comment only made it stronger. My bad
by Xero _ Manifest December 31, 2010
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