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A fear of hearing, seeing and reading about xenophobic, racist, bigoted, ignorant, sexist and non- scientific statements frequently expressed by one Tony Abbot, the Prime Minister of Australia.
‘ I thought I heard the faint rustle of the Telegraph, and I got a serious case of Xenophatonia
‘I can’t cure my xenophatonia, my doctor said it’s just this long recurrent 3 year infection’
‘My doctor said to be aware of reoccurring infections of xenophatonia exacerbated by airborne viruses: Murdoch, Hocky and Pyne'

Women: “Whilst ironing, my xenophatonia flared up exponentially when Tony Abbot become the minister for woman. As I was concerned the carbon tax would stifle my future ambitions for ironing and general house wife duties ’
Scientist: ‘ My xenophatonia was touch and go for a while there, and I nearly lost an eye’
Colleague: ‘Oh?’ How so?’
Scientist: ‘Well, I stabbed myself in the eye uncontrollably with a fork when it was announced on the news there would no longer be a science minister’.
by fuckattude January 23, 2015
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