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1) Xelcan (an anagram of 'lance' with an additional 'x') is the fictional Nobody character of DeviantART's Windnstorm (created under the dA club Org-Infinity) inspired by the group Organization XIII from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. He has control over the element of temperature and is titled the Arctic Volcano.

2) A xelcan is the act of chewing both a piece of cinnamon flavored gum and a piece of 'winter'-mint flavored gum at the same time. Also known as an arctic volcano. -note: 'winter' or 'fresh' mint gum CANNOT be substituted for by spearmint for the act to be considered 'doing a xelcan'.
1- "I'd love to draw Windy some fanart of Xelcan! ^_^"

2- "Hey, do you have any Big Red? I want to do a xelcan."
by Who'sUpForBrownies! October 31, 2007
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