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A so called human being that plays xbox non-stop. He treats it as a matter of life and death. He usally plays Halo or Call of Duty and talkes shit when he wins after he loses ten games before the win saying the other players got "raped" or "suck". This type of person is common on these type of games and usally refers to your mom comments when things get a bit tough on him or accusing the other player of playing unfair or "hacking" due to their skill level. Also he leaves uncleaver comments on other players sexuality saying yet another common comment to xbox "I can't hear you with the dick in your mouth". These are said at least 100-200 times a day. The age can range from 9-40. At least 9 out of 10 of these so called "Gamers" are still virgins. Not many people like them other then their so called buddies in their Clan. They also rage quit often when the game isn't going their way and they don't want to face the pissed off lobby waiting for them after the game.
Dude here are some of the xbox original
x The Pixel x
by Woomdawg February 14, 2011
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