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XLPR is a youtube channel started in mid 2011 it first started out as 3 XBOX LIVE members who decided to make a comedic youtube series on the JLUCAS018 channel. Later in January 2012 XLPR moved to its own channel call XboxPartyRampage. They aired Several videos from high pitch voices and comedic rampages on Xbox live members. In April 2012 XLPR upload a few videos stating that the host of XLPR is leaven for unknown reasons. The host uploaded one last video called "The Last Day". The Last Day video was in partnerships with InnoVateD Films and Jlucas Productions, also MLG was included in there for there support. Later in August 2012 XLPR was signed over to InnoVateD Films and they requested main host to return to reboot the whole channel and recreate it. During The rest of 2012 XLPR was under a huge recreation then in December 2012 The Trailer for the Reboot was aired show a recration of XLPR's Font and style. The offical season was called XLPR RECONSTRUCTION which the host brought in gameplay mix with a specail form of comedy. Season 1 ended in Feburary 2013 due to difficulties with their system. During the intermission of season 1. XLPR released the Season 2 annoucement and claimed that XLPR will be having a crew doing videos as well. Season 2 aired in Mid July and ended In early August due to lack of work from the new member.
Look at that Xbox Live Party Rampage (XLPR)
by xlpr September 19, 2013
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