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An X box life no lifer is usually a fat obese over weight teenager boy, around the age of 13-17.
He plays x box live all day, and night.
when he is not playing he is probably asleep for 18 hours.
Or eating junk food, using the computer, or taking a 20 pound dump.

1. Gets pissed when he gets killed in Call of Duty.
2.Swears to noobs online.
3.The only people he talks to are on xbox live.
4.He has more friends online than in real life.
5.He calls his "friends" by their Gamertags.
6.Is overweight.
7.smells bad.
8.Mostly ignores his last possible friends.
9.Sleeps a lot.
10.Works hard to get Achievements on games,
then feels accomplished.
11.The last thing he does before sleeping is turning off the game console,
the first thing he does in the morning is turn on the game console.
12.Gets mad when his parents don't buy him a game.
and forces them to.
Friend : Hey Bill want to go outside today ?
Bill: I can't, I'm too busy playing Xbox live.
Friend: Wow dude, you're an Xbox Live No Lifer.

Guy1: Where is Bill ?
guy2: I rang his doorbell and his mom came out saying
he is still asleep.
Guy1: What the hell ? It's 4pm. Still sleep ?
Guy2: Yeah man he is such an Xbox Live No Lifer.

Guy1: Where the hell is Bill ?
He was suppose to meet us today.
Guy2:Man he is either too busy playing Modern Warfare 2 with his xbox live friends, or he is still sleeping.
Guy1:What a damn Xbox Live No lifer.
Guy2: yeah Forget him, let's not talk to him.
Guy1:Screw that, let's not be friends with him no more.
Guy2:Hell yeah man, Forget that Xbox Live No Lifer.
by GuyFlawkes June 09, 2010
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