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An obsessed Xbox player.

Someone who plays Xbox religiously and does nothing else in their free time.

Someone who makes daily conversation with their friends about the events that happened the day before on Xbox.

Someone who does nothing but talk about Xbox in conversation.
Xbox Fag 1: "Hey dude, remember that awesome kill I had yesterday with the sniper?"

Xbox Fag 2: "OMG, you bet I do! It was the most epic kill I've seen this week!"

Xbox Fag 1: "Yeah, that one. Well, it was a no-scope!"

Xbox fag 2: "OMG, you are a profit from god!"


Person 1: "Wow that guy in our school is like a 10th prestige in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2!?"

Person 2: "It's really no surprise... That kid's an Xbox Fag"
by TheMaster. January 16, 2010
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