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The latest edition of the oldest scam in the book: The Pyramid Scheme. This time it's the "multi-layered marketing" of a $25.00 bottle of magical juice made from a fruit called mangostein. Essentially it's the same juice you can buy from Cosco for about $2.00 a bottle. But you're not buying juice, as these snake oil salesman claim, you're buing a "distribution business" to make $100,000 a month in passive income. Yeah, you're buying a business that requires you to spend a minimum of $100 per month on overpriced juice. And to make money you have to get suckers to sign up to purchase $100 worth of juice a month and they have to get more people to sign up, ect. ect. ect. Then they tell you to write off any expenses you incurr (such as cable bills, beer costs, and internet access expenses)as "business expenses" related to your bogus juice business. I don't know what's more pathetic, the scam itself or the dozens of poor, dumb and desperate downtrodden idiots who show up to those Xango meetings listening to obvious plants in the audience claiming to make $200,000 a month in juice money.
Frank is 50, has a degree in gym, is divorced and his entire retirement savings consists of fifty bucks and the lottery ticket he bought this morning. But now he has hope because he signed up to pay $100 a month for juice he doesn't even like in hope of someday earning $800,000 an year in passive income with his own Xango Juice distribution business.
by Yo Mamie December 13, 2007
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XanGo Juice is the World's finest mangosteen dietary supplement. XanGo harnesses all of the Goodness in the mangosteen fruit. This is a product that will never be duplicated....only imitated.
XanGo Juice changed my health and gave me my life back!!
by XanGo Independent Distributor September 17, 2008
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