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1.) To utterly dominate (preferably at a game of scrabble)
2.) a bald duck wearing a Christmas sweater living in Champlin MN
3.) a form of slightly molded Spanish cheese sitting in the sun
4.) a type of white, sliced bread
5.) a traditional professional Spanish cheese chef who is also a prostitute.
1.) I totally xakquevenuvaired you in scrabble, 2000 to 0.
2.) Why did the xakquevenuvaire cross the rode? To get to the other side.
3.) I dare you to eat the xakquevenuvaire!!
4.) I'll have a 6 inch sub with xakquevenuvaire bread.
5.) My first time was with a xakquevenuvaire... I'll never recover...
*NOTE* If you are able to spell this word in a game of scrabble you automatically win, and are granted bragging rights for 100 years.
by Pwnzord13 December 23, 2007
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