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An Erotic Adult Board game that combines individual sexual acts with a board game style of play. Instead of landing on a space and paying rent you land on a space and have to perform a sexual activity on your partner or opt out like a pussy and pay them money.

Also includes hot and heavy, and erotic chest cards to increase sexual pleasure.

The game can be found at or
"My girlfriend and I played XXXopoly last night and she had to give me a 1 minute long blow job after she landed on my sexual space."

"My boyfriend ate some whipped cream off my titties because we played XXXopoly last night."

"I took the girl back to my place and we played XXXopoly she never did any of the sexual stunts in the game so I kicked her ass to the curb."

"Dude we got together and everyone played XXXopoly, you wouldn't believe all the fuckin that was going on!"
by k-ped March 30, 2010
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