:.::This is not from a TV Show or Movie, this is actual information gathered from military inteligence leaks::.:

Designed by NASA the X-33 and X-35 Passenger shuttles will now have a third installment, the X-37.
With the discovery of a new super-heavy element Ununpentium (Atomic number 115) with a massive power output, A combined NASA and Military project has begun to create the first craft capable of atmospheric Mach 10 speed and possible Hyperspace travel.
The design will feature NASA's new electron magnetic shield and Photon-Energy beam technology.
The new craft dubbed the X-37 will run entirely on a system core feul of Ununpentium.
There is no currently set release date, however you can bet the public will not know about it for a long time.
If you have seen tv shows such as "star trek", "Star Wars" or "Stargate" you will basically crudely know what I am talking about.
I'd like to make it clear that this is not something like "Warp 2 mr spock!"
This is an actual Hyperspace project in developement which if successful may give humans the ability of up to light speed travel.
by Andrew March 25, 2005
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