The application of semi-algebraic principals towards a sound pattern for electronic music. "X" being the time slot in the pattern where a sound sample could/should be used. If applied correctly, an equation of sound samples equates from the overall pattern itself, thus creating the most intense pattern of sound possible, for that point in a track. It's the natural sense of rhythm.
Many drum & bass/idm/breakbeat/breakcore musicians use the subconscious algorithms of X of Sound.
by DJ JDsssddee May 16, 2009
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A phrase used by anyone who knows it. which displays a "I don't care, but i do at the same time" feel when its said.
The X can be replaced with anything, but depending on what X is changes "what" and "means", if its a person, it would instead be "who" and "is".
Usually saying this phrase, they put on a depressed tone and slur their words, specifically "sounds", and "disappointing". Usually said like : "Soounds Disappoooointingg..."
I don't know what X means, but it sounds disappointing.
1. Hey, meet my friend Bob!
2. I don't know who Bob is, but it sounds disappointing...
1. Try this food!
2. I don't know what food means, but it sounds disappointing ...
by Generic Pseydonym January 9, 2017
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