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Wyoming High School is where everyone knows everyone. These are all rich preppy faggots. All the kids think they’re “hot shit” and try to come across as “gangsta” or “hard asses.” Truth is they’re a bunch of two faced little pussies who talk shit and act like they own the whole fuckin town. Rumor is some kid from the Wyo talked shit about some dude from Mt. Healthy and found himself on his knees begging twelve black guys not to fuck him up. They left him crying on the ground and egged the shit outta his house. Typical Wyoming kid fuckin with the wrong people.

Anyway, pretty much all of the people that live in wyo are rich and snobby. They act all thug until they're in front of someone who counts, and then they're the rich nancy boys we all know they are that piss on themselves. Most of these little fucks come from wealthy, families, and if you don't, then you probably aren't very cool. There are cliques everywhere and you wont be allowed to join if you didn’t go to the same pre school as them.

These kids would be no one if it weren’t for they’re parent’s money. They take advantage of their parents and their parents just hand them money for being alive. All the kids play soccer and dress like each other. They wear that gay ass ralph Lauren and lacoste shit and you’ll always find them wearing they’re “classy” sperry topsiders.

Wyo till you Dyo little fuckers
Wyoming High School Wyoming, Ohio
by WhatupRO$$ July 12, 2011
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