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A place of poor teaching, and even worse management.
Wyke Manor is a really good school!
by John July 26, 2004
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A shitty school with a fucked up management, so fucked up that school changes people to decide to go on murderus rampages, but never do since they carn't get the semi automatic wepons they require to do so. Such teachers which are so shit in their jobs are, Mr Oswin the head, a big fat twat who drinks lots of strong coffee, Mr Smith a pathetic annoying bauld git, Miss/Mrs Ashdon a foxy looking teacher who is probobly a nice person but takes WAY too much pride in her school, Mr Samera, one of the best teachers there he teaches English, and teaches it well, Mrs A-Z, her name is unponounceable, nice person, but takes too much pride in her shit, Mrs Glass head of science, cool I supose, Mrs Wilson, over worked, underpaided, over stressed... you get the idea, its a shit hole filled with loads of stupid arseholes who are the students... (loads of townies)
Wyke Manor is a cesspool which should be distroyed along with all but a few of the unlucky occupents, the rest deserve to die
by Anon May 26, 2004
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