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There is only one Wulfgang.

Embodied in mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.

An underground legend, a online Herobrine. From a Yahoo! top contributor to a CoD master.

First gained popularity in Call of Duty 2 as a skilled player so good that he was even kicked and banned by confused servers as a hacker.

While many Users have gained fame in a certain game, Wulfgang has crept through the online net. If you see the Alias Wulfgang online, chances are he's the same person.
Herobrine Chuck Norris on a Velociraptor into Mordor surrounded by Orcs wielding a light-saber and the music 'Hit Me' by Klaypex blaring in the background. That is Wulfgang.
by Aubuchon December 08, 2012
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