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The generic, colloquial name given any window of time whereby a person has privacy, access to some form of erotic stimuli, and uses these things to engage in serial masturbation. Often times, wrist-a-thon's are brought on by temporarily depleted domiciles (roommates, parents gone for extended periods) that allow the wrisitng afficianado to drop trou and beat the bishop or, if female roll the bean, often times for hours on end.
Man...I'm roomate was out of town all week and he left his porn stash out...between the mags and the 'net, I had a three-day wrist-a-thon. I musta busted a nut 22 times in three days. I'll have to remember to mop up the love stains before he gets back into town.
by just plain nuts July 06, 2010
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