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1. verb. To punch or "fist" an opponent due the funny expression of the opponent face of people located in the American south. Fisting usually surrounds land disputes involving incest.
2. verb. Traditional polish feast during which men slap each other with raw meat, while singing the latest spice girls song as a duo, which is very difficult due to the high notes reached. The best duo then receives the meat which has by this time been tenderized and seasoned with their own sweat.
1. "uncle Jeb-Roy and I where feuding, and when I saw the look on his face I done wrimblefisted em!"

2. "we went Wrimblefisting last night and Sven and Oli won the meats. I am cannot believe that my meat slapping was not good enough for them!"
by wrimblefister May 02, 2011
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