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One who hates wrestling. One who can only say that "it's gay" or "for faggots". A person who also tells wrestling fans that it's fake, thinking that the wrestling fan is too stupid to know. They think that the WWE superstars are not actual athletes. It really doesn't require any athleticism to do a moonsault off of the top rope ONTO someone. It doesn't really hurt at all. They're wrong.
Wrestling Hater: Wrestling is a fucking gay sport. OMG they leik 2 touch eachohter lol and ther n theyr ndrware. itz faggot sprts lmao.

Wrestling fan I'd like to see YOU in the wrestling ring against people like Chris Benoit or The Undertaker

Wrestling Hater: may-b i will gosh, lol lol!
by Jon January 19, 2005
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