World Conquest ( Roblox ) is a roleplaying game that is based on nations that you can Roleplay as. You can preform military actions and etc. it’s ran by retarded mods that have a criminal conviction irl.
Fucking asshole World Conquest mod banned me again.”
by typicalasshole June 28, 2022
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when you have had sex with a Black person, White person, Asian person and a Hispanic person. All the races are accounted for!
David successfully completed a world conquest after banging a chick of each race
by Andrew David Hernandez July 11, 2008
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WC Mods are power tripping assholes that ban people for absolutely no reason and have zero justification and usually get away with it. “well that’s just a normal discord mod?” Well there’s a twist, they are either A full on Taliban supporter ( Noorullah ) or a fat fuck that instigates fights like an asshat. There’s also the Child Predator AKA linkwhy.
World Conquest Moderation Team sucks ass
by typicalasshole June 28, 2022
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