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A term for the relationship between two co-workers who have a professional, but very congenial relationship. For instance, a quality work-ship moment would entail going out for coffee to discuss work or eating dinner to discuss work or eating brunch to discuss work. Although there is a fine line between a work-ship and friendship, a work-ship resides solidly in the professional space.
Vicki: Hey let's go out for some coffee?
Paul: Sure thing. We can talk about the project.
Vicki: Absolutely. We have such a quality work-ship!
by mediavd August 04, 2010
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A typographical blunder by someone attempting to say something else.
Thank you for attending the 2nd annual ADVISOR workship...above all....
by Dennis March 16, 2005
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The relationship you share with a colleague in the workplace.
I really appreciate our workship - you are the playa!
by AF2022 May 20, 2018
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