What most young people's language is. They can't express their feelings in words because they are basically wordless. They only know only a few key words, and specialized grunts such as hamburger, fries, gimme, more, ketchup, dvd, Bud Light, Doritos, Big Mac, awesome, totally, etc. In the near future grunts and lung sounds will replace most all words.
Vrin: How was your date with Sally Sue?
Jadu: She only motioned with her hands and mouth and made grunting noises when we passed McDonalds. She appeared hungry but could only say hamburger over and over. I stopped and fed her 4 quarter pounders, large fries, and a Diet Coke. She was wordless, but appeared content.
Vrin: Did you take her home after that?
Jadu: Yeah. She said I was totally awesome and so was McDonald's Happy Meal. I knew then she was a wordless human bean. (Spelling of bean is correct.)
by jethrojones February 11, 2009
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when you simply dont have any words for anything. you are making no effort to reply to someone or you dont want to say anything. if you have no words to decribe something then you are wordless.
person #1: im going into town later but i dont really want to go.

person #2: *wordless*
by the wind is changing September 01, 2005
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