Hey word up Beyoncé dropped an album but did’t tell anyone about it! It’s really good though!
by thatadventure May 09, 2018
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another way of saying "Word Up"
Dude 1- yo kidd im comin of to play sum madden
Dude 2- Word Vertical^ Homie
by Slashua November 28, 2007
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the act of a fat person, with a small penis, to jack off, and then describe his experience to his friends.
I was squidding the word so hard last night that i lost a pound!!
by Banana Repubic October 16, 2011
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To send a written message over the Internet i.e., email, text message, chat, etc.
I'm on my iPhone stackin' words with my friends.
by ArfGraf November 27, 2010
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A powerful word used to describe one of the many facets that the human spirit shines through.
Did you see Devin’s new ‘fearless’ tattoo?
Yeah man, that’s his star word
by Esp4d4 April 18, 2019
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