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A small, very diverse school in Worcester, Massachusetts made up of primarily commuters. Known for its joke of a football team, and its highly competitive nursing program, in which you’re lucky to get through without getting; A.) kicked out, or B.) Struggling to survive to keep those grades in the eligible margin. Don’t expect fine cuisine from the POD, but be there on Taco Tuesdays. You meet a lot of very down to earth, and responsible college students at Worcester State, as a lot of them are paying for their own tuition, all while balancing two jobs. While Worcester State students know how to adult, they don’t forget how to party. Meet at Leits on Wednesdays, District on Thursdays, and the football houses on the weekends. Nobody likes heading to club unless you’re a freshman, it’s the first week of school, or Sally just broke up with her boyfriend. If there isnt something to do at Woo state, head over to the WPI frats for a good time. Always something to do with 10 colleges in the area. Catch the best dartys on Homecoming and St Paddys day but watch out for Campus Police, these are their favorite days of the year to detain the drunkies.

Before heading to a party at woo state, dont forget your rolled up backwoods, bottle of hennessy, and your 10:1 girl guy ratio.
Dante: Bro I’m headed to Worcester State, what’s the move tonight?
Paul: We got an address but no chicks.
Dante: They ain’t gonna let us in with no chicks.
Paul: I know bro! Find some ladies!
by Cardi B. December 16, 2018
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