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A short, Italian man; and/or his small penis. Due to decent genetics and a healthy dose of his grandma's money, a Wopcock is frequently able to disrobe his friend's girlfriends, wives, and many other women he encounters. However, after the deed is done... these women realize they've been reeled in by a Wopcock. They are utterly unsatisfied with his small genitalia, poor technique, and general inability to induce an orgasm in anyone other than himself. Also known to have incredibly small balls.
"Hey, Wopcock. It's cool that you fucked my girlfriend... I was just over on Oakthorpe beating it up."

Stranger: "Dude, I can't believe your women slept with Adam."
John, Derrick, Ricky & Mike simultaneously: "Joke's on them, all they got was a Wopcock & Peaballs!!"
by Derrick Diggler May 22, 2013
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