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A term used to describe when an italian makes a bet, knowing they will lose, 'greases' their way out of there side of the agreement. Like an invisible fine print only the wop grease can reveal.
"oooooh, Migalooch used the Wop-Clause to back out of our bet when i fully won!"

"check that greasers contract for a Wop-Clause!"

Tony says "Ohh Johnny, you just got WOP-CLAUSED!"

Johnny says " wop-clause? what do you mean?"

Tony says " Well Johnny, a Wop-Clause is when a wop

makes a bs excuse that was never agreed

upon in the first place just to get out of his

side of the agreement, thats what a


Johnny says "Freakin' Greasballs!!!!"

Tony Says "The Fonz would never do that"
by HoganCCBrianJordan November 02, 2010
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