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When a wook has been on festival tour, not showering, sleeping on the ground and acting as a garbage can for drugs and sexual partners, a virus cesspool begins to fester on them, particularly in the dread region of their body. Over the festival season, the viruses on them all grow and combine to develop into a super virus called the wook flu. When a normal concert goer comes into contact with it, they will become deathly ill around 3-4 days after the show. Typically, symptoms include the worst sore throat, aches and headache one has ever felt, which causes the infected person to be bed ridden for up to a week. The only cure is soup, Netflix and the strongest over the counter flu meds one can procure, but a trip to the doctor or emergency room to get antibiotics is not out of the question and is in fact quite common. Unfortunately, a wook flu cure has not been discovered yet, so please plan accordingly if you start feeling ill and have a more experienced concert goer on hand near by to help with your treatment shall you succumb to this terrible virus.
I think she got the wook flu after the three night Phish run at SPAC. We won't be seeing her for a week.
by Drumnbassix939 July 08, 2017
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Symptoms include halitosis, red eyes, malodorous scent, general malaise, decreased verbal engagement (usually only grunts), absent (to non) mindedness, dry mouth, and dreams with themes from phish lyrics.
when a non wook spends time on tour and due to hugging and hanging out with lots of sweaty people, breathing in smoke of all kinds (2nd or 1st hand), lack of sleep and car travel results in a sickness that is only on phish tour, that sickness is wook flu
by ocelotocelot August 17, 2010
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