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A strategy in Nazi Zombies, the sub-survival game in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: World at War. In which you, or two to three others, utilize the teleporter on the map Kino Der Toten. By doing so you (with or without teammates) will start the round on the stage waiting to be rushed by zombies, then using the teleporter to get in the projection room. From there you can "Pack-A-Punch," reload, revive downed teammates, and toss grenades down at zombies. Once the clock above "Pack-A-Punch" reachs midnight you will be moved backed to the lobby teleporter pad. This is where the "RoundUp" begins. The zombies will then rush you, forcing you and your teammates to make another lap back toward the stage where the orginal teleporter is. Zombies will appear to be "RoundingUp" as they rush and flock to you. While making the lap you will continue to pick zombies off at an efficient rate. This will help you achieve high waves of zombies and waste countless hours in doing so. "A truly flawless strategy." There will be no snakes, or zombies, in your boots.
by xbrawl January 11, 2011
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