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Woodbury is a city in Minnesota consisting of over 61,000 residents and growing.
While the education system is pretty good the people are a different story. Most bored housewives all tend to be the same carrying around their Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags and drink, gossip, and get boob jobs while their husbands are away at work. And their husband all play golf or cheat on their wives.
The kids who either attend Stillwater Area High School or Woodbury High School are completely different. The ones who go to Woodbury are either slutty/arrogant rich kids and the ones who go to Stillwater are slutty/drugged up rich kids.
Driving around Woodbury it is very common to see Range Rovers, Mercedes, and Lexus vehicles.
Woodbury is a growing city and is about to add 50,000 more residents within the next 5 years. And is planning on opening more stores. Louis Vuitton, Coach, and H&M is rumored to be interested in property to open up shop.
Bored Woodbury Housewife #1: I'm bored!

Bored Woodbury Housewife #2: Me too! What is there to do in Woodbury, MN?

Bored Woodbury Housewife #1: Wanna go blow some cash on something useless?!

Bored Woodbury Housewife #2: Hell yeah!
by iputmypseydonymhere May 31, 2011
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