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Term that refers to the romantic relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman. The best romantic relationship in DC comics. This romantic relationship is very visible in the DC animated universe (DCAU). They are literally perfect for each other. One is a charismatic, intelligent, billionaire from Gotham City whose real identity is Bruce Wayne. The other is an immortal, divine, princess from Themyscira whose real identity is Diana Prince. Batman and Wonder Woman love each other. Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince would undoubtedly start a family together if villains did not continue to wreak havoc. Both complete one another. Wonderbat is an exceedingly popular couple in fiction. Countless people ship Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince. Wonder Woman’s heart belongs to Batman and Batman’s heart belongs to Wonder Woman. Number one DC comic book romantic pairing.
Person 1: Could you think of a couple in fiction that are made for one another?
Person 2: Wonderbat definitely!

Person 1: If Bruce Wayne were to end up with someone and form a family with, who would it be?
Person 2: Absolutely Diana Prince! Ever heard of Wonderbat?
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by JFK35 December 16, 2020
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