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The female equivalent of mansplaining.

When a woman selectively takes a statement from a man, twists it to something that wasn't said, and then slings it back at the man in an accusatory or confrontational manner.

In other words, hearing only what she wants to hear or seeing only what she wants to see, creating a new narrative based on that selective hearing/sight, and then arguing against that self-created narrative.
"I said that I forgot to pick up the milk when I went grocery shopping, and she womanterpreted it to mean that I didn't care enough about her feelings to listen to what she says."

"I said 'can you pass the stapler' to Becca and she womanterpreted it to mean that I was oppressing her with my hyper-masculinity by treating her as less than human and expecting her to do my bidding."
by Timey-wimey stuff January 10, 2017
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