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The wollagator (often spelt wolligator) is a class of organism currently undefined and unrecognised by zoologists. The name literally means ‘beast of unimaginable proportions’. There are many different species of wollagator, most of which are able to take on any form or shape they decide. Often believed to be impossible to catch due to their immense powers and incredible stealth, the hide of a wollagator is priceless. They are believed to be responsible for frequently unexplained events and catastrophes the world over. Although sightings are not uncommon they are usually only reported by those who have truely mastered the shottie.
Wollagaters are believed to particularly enjoy preying on stoners and are thought to be responsible for the theft of vast amounts of cannabis every year. It is not known whether the wollagators consume the cannabis or simply horde it where it can never be found.
Although claims are unfounded, some people believe that wollagaters were responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and the disappearance of the Rapanui people from Easter Island.
by DonDan February 11, 2009
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