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A girl (usually most exaggerated in elementary school-middle school) who wears and enjoys mystical-esque wolf paraphanelia. These girls generally have long, sort of frizzy hair, worn either in a pony tail or just straight down. They generally have several (but not many) strange, perhaps equally wolf-obsesed, friends who do not socialize with anyone else. They love mystical/fantasy books, have wolf and fantasy themed posters and/or folders, and wish they could either own a wolf or could be a half wolf half girl hibrid. Note: there are other "breeds" of w.g., such as anime girls, and british voice talking girls. Most anyone who attended high school in the 90s-early 2000s should remember these girls.
Wow-- I saw the most stereotypical wolf girl on campus today! She was egg-shaped, with a charcoal-colored, oversized t-shirt with a mystical looking head shot of a wolf! Her Harry Potter glasses and super long, straight hair really added to the look.

anime, wolf, girl, mythical, pony tail
by highschoolrememberer April 29, 2010
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