A woke male is a socially submissive male. He exaggerates knowledge on trendy social issues, and would often do anything to prove his ‘wokeness’, even if it meant abandoning his manhood, or dignity as a whole. This such man typically believes in toxic masculinity, and male privilege.
Dylanxyz comments on Instagram post: woman moment🤦🏼 ♂️

Juanxl replies: bruh you’re just misogynistic and sexist, educate yourself on the struggles of women.

Dylanxyz: 😐 such a ‘woke male’ huh???

Emily: you’re totally are insecure in your masculinity! prove you don’t! grr

Josh: Okay *puts on dresses and wears make up, then post it on social media with the hashtag #fuckgenderstereotypes! to prove he’s ‘secure in his masculinity’*

Emily: you are so insecure in your heterosexuality, prove you aren’t!

Dustin: *has gay sex with men to prove he’s comfortable in his ‘heterosexuality’*
by jamnieh March 9, 2021
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