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A big hairy greek man with an unusually thick layer of hair surrounding his legs, this is Wog Can Opener's ozone layer. When Wog Can Opener is frightened or salty, large quantities of milk gush from his anus to ward of any toxicity or absorb his victims. One of Wog Can Opener's most prolific traits is the ability to open any metal object with his spiky Wog teeth. Wog Can Opener also hates Jews and intends to eliminate all Asians and Jews from existence, be warned, his bite is lethal and his milk is sour. Wog Can Opener is also a gay AWOLNATION fanboy, if you ever see a Wog Can Opener in real life, make sure you shove your finger up his ass hole or else your teeth with be consumed.
Yo, diggity dawg, I wish I was a Wog Can Opener.
Oh dude same, careful though, with great Wog comes great responsibility.
by BigBoyJesseTheBrick April 14, 2018
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