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Pronounced - "wuff-e cookie"

1. An imaginary food that creates altered states, including odd behavior, stupidity, strong sexual desires, extreme happiness, brilliant insight and any other unexplained experience of consciousness and/or unconsciousness.

2. A special food that helps one maintain one's sanity and at time gives one super-powers. Very similar to "Wow Crackers"
After the discovery of his wife leaving him for another woman, the head of neural-surgery went on a intense week long drinking binge and then was able to preform a history making surgical operation after eating Woffie Cookies for breakfast.

Joan sat bewildered at her desk, as her supervisor grilled her about why she showed up for work naked. Her only response was it must have been the Woffie Cookies she had at dinner the previous night.
by Woffie Master August 02, 2009
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