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1. An imaginary food that creates altered states, including odd behavior, stupidity, strong sexual desires, extreme happiness, brilliant insight and any other unexplained experience of consciousness and/or unconsciousness.

2. A special food that helps one maintain one's sanity and at time gives one super-powers.

3. Very similar to "Woffie Cookies"
Despite the fact that the President of the United States had just declared Global Nuclear War, he nibbled down a few Wow Crackers prior to the press conference, where he was to announce a planned vacation in the Bermuda Triangle, for the next three weeks.

How a woman at the age of 97 was able to screw the whole Dallas Cowboys football team, left only one answer, it was reported that she had consumed several boxes of Wow Crackers prior to the encounter.
by Woffie Master August 02, 2009
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