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A roughly oversized nigger with a ridiculously obsessive need to stay "gangsta fresh". They also have the habit to tell every girl inside an area of 20 squaremeters they have a "killer eightpack" and are ready to "get their muscled flexed for some honey". Honey in this sentence is used as a term for bootycall. Woempa's are also said to perform stalkish behaviour on massive scale. Their favorite phrase is: "gotsto keep the crack stackin to get the honey flowing". Their level of arrogance is far above average. Most Woempa's are said to be gay and that they use their act to coverup their gayness to get accepted in the anti-gay society of the bronx.
Woempa: whassup honeybun, you cant tell it immediatly but underneath this xxl tee there's one nasty 8-pack for you waitin baby. Gotsto bring the honey though! Gangsta fresh fo' life!

Guuurrl: hell nahw I ain't getting myself into that crazy shit. I don't just go pourin honey for some gay-ass woempa.
by Godknowledge January 19, 2011
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